About Ros

I have loved drawing and horses since childhood – they were, and still are both, passions.


I also became attuned to Reiki about twenty years or so ago and really started to engage more consciously with healing and spirituality. I still do a lot of healing, and I have also taught Reiki. Healing covers such a broad term and I would consider that creating my art has always been very healing for me. It’s also very meditative.


In 2004, I helped to bring horse ‘therapy’ to the United Kingdom. We were blessed to receive national coverage, having demonstrated this truly amazing concept of horses helping both children and adults, including children with special needs, to a vast spectrum of people from all walks of life.


It was during my journey with the horses, I discovered that being with horses in this way can open a channel for both children and adults to connect to a means of self expression through art, and I felt as though all my worlds connected, and came together as One.
Drawing and Painting

As a child it was patterns. As a teenager I drew flowers, turning petals into fairies, and as a young woman with three small children I became fascinated with ‘bioluminescense’ wondering how I could create that kind of glowing light through my art and bring that to my floral work, and it was this which led me to begin ‘playing with light’. I have been playing with the light ever since.

As an intuitive artist, I feel my art reflects something of the deep connection between us and animals – and to the deep connection we both share within ourselves, and with the environment in which we all live. We are all One.

As an Equine, Floral and Wildlife Artist I am also now a member of TWASI (The Wildlife Art Society International) and I specialise in working with Coloured Pencils and Inks.