If you feel inspired to either purchase or commission work especially for you, then please do get in contact with me where I would honour the opportunity to talk things over with you and get a clear idea of the kind of thing you had in mind, or if you would like to see other photographs of the artwork, perhaps in a different medium.

I specialise in working with Coloured Pencils and Inks.

My husband is a wonderful picture framer, so if you are an artist yourself or you would like some of the art you see here framed, then do take a look at ‘Farrell’s Framings’ – you might even see Tom working in the workshop via one of the video’s. We have a huge selection of mount cards with an amazing spectrum of colours now available, as well as large range of wonderful chevrons and samples of some of the most beautiful frames available in the UK today and at affordable prices.

RosieFive Dogs

Wedding Invitation