Acrylic Block Framed Card


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Product Description

Acrylic block magnetic frames 7″ x 5″ – and 20 mm wide – designed to hold two pieces of art or photographs back to back and keeping the focus on the subject rather than the frame. The photo or the card could either be the same size as the overall dimension, or smaller, and then sandwiched between two blocks. They are ideal for those with children, or for those where glass might be a problem. The magnetic hold is very strong. The design allows for the use of two subjects back to back, and so you can turn it around as suits.

My card is professionally made and is size 6″ x 4″ – fitting rather nicely inside these lovely frames. They make a great and affordable way to display a card or photograph – with the added bonus of being able to place two different subjects within the frame and turn it around when you need a change, or to change the subject altogether.

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The Coloured Swan, Charlotte, The Stag, Paint, Piebald Paint, Mistletoe, Badger, Wild Rabbits, Wildflower Meadow Hare, Arab Horse, Autumn